TERRY LODER Founder — Back in the day, Terry was a rock singer/entertainer. Typical story. Professional musician becomes media rep. Media rep becomes radio station manager, agency co-founder. Twice. Agency founder becomes nationally recognized voice talent, music, radio among other things. Oh, and one of the nation’s first message on-hold voices for John Deere, Peterbilt Trucks, Super Wash, Beeline, Griswold Corporation, Dragotec USA, Nixalite of America, blah blah, — (We know what you’re thinking: “What can you do for me?”) Now TL’s voice is all over America on radio, TV, corporate stuff and business phone messaging and websites. He's a multi-faceted voice actor with a delivery that sells many companies; hundreds actually. Healthcare campaigns, restaurant chains, car dealers, industrial companies, colleges, tourism, (more blah blah.)

It would be a lot easier to ask what he hasn’t done. (NASA, Disney, embalmers, and absolutely no religious, military or political production of any kind.) Working small and large budgets, from mom and pop venues to Fortune 500 muscle, Terry’s voice has made a lot of people a lot of money. Still composing ad music, playing and singing on the tracks, still crazy after all these years. (Nod to Paul Simon.) OK, so maybe it’s not a typical story afterall.


JEFF LODER Executive Producer — Jeff was cast in award winning commercials from the age of 18 months. (speaking part? Of course!) at 2, he could claim lead talent on a radio spot that won best in show at the Addies. He was born in the business. Even though his involvement in the production of powerful marketing wasn’t his first official career, it was inevitable. It’s in his blood. He first paid his dues as an IT tech. He gained enormous insight into the business end of the advertising industry by single-handedly establishing the internal structure of a fast growing ad agency. Then as a production assistant and now as a full time creative, Jeff has quickly become an in-demand award-winning writer/composer/producer with skills in radio, TV, and music production. His incredible gift for visual detail is evident in his video projects and his additional role as a first-call photographer.

Jeff’s enthusiasm is contagious. He welcomes every opportunity to produce another award winning project that fattens your bottom line.